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Intermediate Lessons - Blues Guitar - Volume 1

Blues Guitar Vol 1 Pt 1 (Intro)

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Blues Shuffle in G...

Module Overview

A MUST for fans of both classic and modern Blues.

In this, the first volume of FretHub’s new Blues Guitar series, Bobby takes you through the many variations of the classic Blues Shuffle groove, teaching you how to solo authentically in a blues jam environment as well as playing some tasteful rhythm guitar parts.

There’s a great 48-bar solo to learn, featuring many essential blues licks and techniques, plus some valuable restriction and phrasing exercises, enabling you to build up your soloing vocabulary using just a small area of the neck.

You’ll also learn how to build solos using a more lyrical approach, as well as some great ideas for using chord tones in your lead breaks. This is a comprehensive, 15 part video lesson series not to be missed.

This Lesson

In this first lesson, Bobby begins by demonstrating the solo we’re going to learn note-for-note (4 times around the 12 bar Blues progression). We go on to discuss different eras of blues players, with some advice on essential listening.