Complete guitar course


The Foundation Course - Level 5

1. The A Minor Pentatonic Scale

Module Overview

In this next series of lessons, Nick and Bobby present a thorough introduction to playing lead guitar, providing you with a solid foundation to become a great soloist.

We cover a wide range of techniques and ideas including: the minor pentatonic scale; fast hammer-on and pull-off trills; expressive techniques such as vibrato and string bending; lots of cool blues/rock licks that you can practice over two great backing tracks; the blues scale; extending scales by breaking out of the box shape; incorporating slides and much more.

This Lesson

In this first lesson, we look at the movable minor pentatonic scale. In this example, we’re going to be working in the key of A minor. The minor pentatonic scale is arguably the most common scale in lead guitar. There are countless licks and riffs we can play once we’ve mastered this scale. We’re also going to practice some fast hammer-on and pull-off trills using this scale in order to build up dexterity and strength in our fingers.