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Questions about FretHub membership

Bobby Harrison and Nick Radcliffe

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How do I cancel my subscription?

It’s very quick and easy. Log in to FretHub.com and go to your Dashboard. You’ll find a link called “cancel membership” which will direct you to PayPal, together with information about your subscription payment. After you log in to your PayPal account, you’ll see the details of your subscription and can cancel it immediately. Your FretHub membership will be de-activated and you will no longer be charged.

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Can I swap my monthly subscription for a discounted one year membership?

Yes. Follow the steps above and then click ‘Buy now’ on our pricing page. We keep your account details on file so you can select ‘Existing User’ on the registration page and log in with your old user details.

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Can I cancel my monthly subscription and rejoin at a later date?

Yes. Follow the cancellation procedure above and when you re-register (as above) you can select ‘Existing User’. We don’t mind you taking a 2nd free trial if you intend to keep the subscription for a minimum of 1 monthly payment.

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I’ve taken the 3-day free trial but have decided I don’t wish to continue with payment. When should I cancel?

Follow the cancellation procedure any time within the first 3-days. Your membership will automatically be closed and you will not be charged.

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