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Back From The Road



Back From The Road

It’s finally here. Nick’s 1st blog. I had to google ‘blog‘ to make sure that’s still what it’s called.

Anyway, firstly a big thanks and welcome to all our new members. We also hope that everyone is enjoying the new site!

So, I’ve just returned from another 2 weeks on the road with the Queen Extravaganza #QuEx @QueenExtrava. It’s the official Queen tribute (no wigs!) and we are actually put together and managed by Queen’s drummer Roger Taylor. I had to do a video audition but I’m proud of having been chosen by Brian May, 9 years ago for the show “We Will Rock You”, and now independently by Roger Taylor for QuEx. It seems I can’t escape Queen!

Some musicians will deny that you get to actually see the countries they visit but occasionally you get to have a good look around. Both Bobby and I have been lucky enough to see a great many cities, but this latest tour I got to visit some cool new places. 2 days in Monte Carlo, after a slightly rusty opening show in Luxembourg (no time for rehearsal..it still rocked though!), then on to Amsterdam, Ostend in Belgium and finally to Iceland where we sold out 2 nights at the 1500 seater Harpa venue. What a fascinating country and brilliant audiences. A big thank you for the amazing hospitality we received there (if anyone’s reading this!).

Next up is a 3-week tour of Australia in October followed by a brand new show for the UK tour in November. Click here to watch Roger Taylor’s announcement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nsidy0Vy42M.

It would be great to see you on the road if you can make it to any of the shows. The “A night at the Opera” tour should be a great experience.

In the mean time, Bobby and I are getting together to plan our next batch of lessons. If you have any good ideas then please let us know.

All the best